In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, several aspects of our world remain unchanged including the strength of our College community and the relentless progress of our natural world. In Winchester the dawn chorus is more audible than ever, our skies are clear of contrails, streets are relatively empty and the M3 is still only a distant hum.

Outdoor Classroom T
Earlier this month, current and former black students from a variety of independent schools wrote a letter to the Independent Schools Council detailing their experience of racism. Of the 200 named individuals, one was a former pupil of Winchester College. The College was subsequently named in an article on the subject in the Sunday Times. In the wake of the George Floyd murder and this letter, the Warden has asked our incoming Bursar, Mr Paresh Thakrar, to conduct a review into the school's culture and practices.

As educators, we have a unique responsibility to help create a world of more equal opportunities by encouraging enquiry amongst our students, confronting difficult questions and ensuring the widest possible access to the College. It is our intention that this review will conclude next term, with actions to be shared more broadly shortly afterwards. In the meantime, if you would like to share your views, please contact
Mr Thakrar directly. 

From the Archives

The Hong Kong Mass Transit System
On 10 July 1973, Martin Gregory, physics don, wrote an article for The Wykehamist about how the school was used for an experiment in testing how passengers might use a proposed transport system in Hong Kong. He also took some photographs which he has kindly donated to the archives. It highlights a very different approach to problem-solving today. Read here.

The Evolution of Winchester Match
In the week that would have typically seen the school open its doors for the annual Winchester Match (a celebratory day which is open to parents, alumni, staff and former staff), we look back at the origins of the occasion. Read more.

A tour of the City and the glamour of Eton Match in 1964
Win Coll appears 18 minutes into the film. Please note that BFI Player films cannot be played outside of the UK.

Il vulcano di Enea - Mulè

A Remarkable Physical Endeavour

A mysterious painting, an extraordinary feat lost in time: an Italian book sheds light on the first British expedition to the top of the Sicilian volcano in June 1766. The protagonists of the book accomplished a remarkable physical endeavour. There was of course a Wykehamist on the expedition, William Benson Earle, Commoner 1756-1757. The author is of the opinion that Winchester was the place where the seeds of the journey on Etna were sown. Read here about how the story came to light.
Letters from Abroad 

Following on from last month's launch of  Letters from Abroad, we are pleased to include missives from:

Community Update
  • Unfortunately, the boys will not be returning to on-site education this term. The Department of Education's restrictions on the percentage of pupils allowed to return within individual year groups, make the required combination of on-site and remote learning impractical and undesirable with the numbers concerned. Further information about why this decision was made can be read here.
  • Quiristers sing on through lockdown - Find out how it's done and enjoy the performance. 
  • The Two Cultures in 2020 - Dr Jamie Barron notes that the COVID-19 crisis has brought scientists into the spotlight, but that science by its nature sits uncomfortably with the world of the sound-bite.
  • 'Thought for the Week' - English don, Mr Richard Stillman reflects on the protests sweeping the US and UK, what we might do to educate ourselves, and how this might help to make a difference.
  • A Virtual Mallory Challenge 2020 - Keeping the spirit of adventure alive.
  • Life in the Porters' Lodge or the barbaria!
  • Postcards from Home - Boys continue to give us a glimpse into their lockdown world. 

Wykeham Week

Our first ever digital campaign will be a virtual celebration of the Winchester community and the boarding houses, and will mark the end of an extraordinary term. We will be celebrating the creativity and imagination of the community and will be raising funds for house bursaries and the new COVID-19 Hardship Fund. This Fund has been established to help support the school fees for those families who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

Wykeham Week will start on Monday 29 June and will include musical performances, videos, poems, and articles.

There are various ways you can get involved. Further information can be viewed here.
And Finally ...

Trapped in lockdown, without the constraints of an office, commuting or business travel, time is perhaps more readily available to some than previously. Eager to exercise the left side of the brain, Winston Ginsberg (I, 1981-85) asks us... Who Cares?

The Win Coll Soc team is happy to accept entries, stories and Wykehamical facts for the July newsletter, but we reserve the right to reject, should we need to! 

Do keep an eye on the school's Twitter feed.

Until we can gather again, we look forward to Keeping Connected.

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