Over the last few years Win Coll has achieved some of the best results in rowing in its history:

  • In the 2016 school year every year group but one reached the top six in the National Schools.
  • Dent Goodman (E, 2012 – 17) and Alex Wythe (Coll, 2012 – 17) who were too old to compete as GB Juniors again, rowed in the Home Internationals in Glasgow, where they won the pairs’ race for England, and also won gold in the 8+.
  • Milford Killian Dawson (E, 2012 – 17) was selected to row for GB at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in Belgium, where he won a bronze medal in the pair.
  • Luke Robinson (Coll, 2012 – 17) and Tobias Schröder (Coll, 2012 – 17) represented GB at the Junior World Rowing Championships in Lithuania, where they won a bronze medal in the 8+.

The Master in Charge, Dr Clayton, is now supported by two dedicated professional coaches and the number of boys taking part in Boat Club is growing considerably. Investment from the school, combined with generous donations have funded recent improvements to the interior of the boat house, making it fit for high performance training and there is now a strategic programme of fleet renewal in place to ensure the quantity and quality of boats available to our boys is comparable to that of our competition.

To celebrate 150 years of Boat Club, its tremendous success to date and its ongoing development, the Master in Charge would like to raise funds to purchase a new eight, a Hudson USP. An investment in an Olympic class, high performance boat, will place Boat Club in an unprecedented position of strength, and will be an appropriate response to the increased level of performance Winchester crews have displayed in recent years. This will not only benefit the top crew, but will also enable our existing eights to be passed down to the two year groups below; the impact will be felt throughout Boat Club.

The aim of the 150th Anniversary Appeal is to raise £50,000 to purchase a new boat, a Hudson USP 8, and related equipment.

      Boat Club Carbon 8 Hudson USP


      Boat Club Oars 8 Oars
£3,440 (£430 each)

Boat Club Cox Orb

CoxOrb £700 - An electronic device used in competitive rowing that combines a digital stroke rate monitor and elapsed time readout
with a voice amplifier

Should the target be exceeded then any additional funds will be ring fenced specifically for the ongoing development of Winchester College Boat Club.

Perhaps you would like to join together with others, such as those you rowed with, to name the new Hudson USP, or indeed one of the other boats that have recently been purchased.

  • £25,000 - This is the minimum donation required to name the Hudson USP. It can be pledged, tax efficiently, over 5 years. The donor(s) will of course be invited to the naming ceremony and to the National Schools' Regatta 2018 to watch it race. If this sum is from one donor, then they will also be invited to join the exclusive Wykeham Patrons Club.
  • £10,000 - This is the minimum donation required to name one of the recently purchased boats. This can also be pledged, tax efficiently, over 5 years. 

Obviously the naming of the boats will be in consultation with Winchester College. Boaty McBoatface will not be accepted!

We are looking for a parent or an OW who will act as a challenge donor, offering to match £ for £ anything raised in support of Boat Club, up to a specific amount. The main appeal will be sent out in January and a challenge always encourages others to give and really adds momentum to the appeal. Do let Win Coll Soc know if you would be interested in throwing down the gauntlet.

It may be that, rather than giving a one-off donation, you would prefer to support Winchester’s oarsman with a regular monthly pledge over a period of years. A confirmed, regular pledge will still give Boat Club the confidence to purchase the Hudson USP and would be an extremely valued commitment to the Club’s continued development and success.

The easiest way to donate a one-off or regular gift tax efficiently, is online.

We want to ensure that our boat club records are accurate. Please can you email Win Coll Soc details of the boat you were in, other members of the crew and the date.

If you have any further questions please contact Tamara Templer, Deputy Director of Development.
T. +44 (0)1962 621407 

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