Goddard Day

Goddard Day 2018
On Saturday 15 September the weather gods again provided glorious autumnal sunshine for the 125 attendees at the 2018 Goddard Day. The Headmaster, Tim Hands, delivered an address on George Ridding, copies of which are available from Win Coll Soc. Lunch was held in New Hall, with Nick Wilks, Second Master, and John Norton (C, 1941-46) replying to the Home Team of Patrick Walker (I, 1965-70) and David Fellowes (I, 1963-67)

Goddard Day 2017
A good turnout of 130 members of the Goddard Legacy Society on Saturday 16 September ensured a most enjoyable day. The high point was undoubtedly the singing of Psalm 122 to the Beethoven Chant, much beloved  by OWs of a certain age. This was followed by an excellent address by the Deputy Headmaster (Academic) Patrick Herring on the 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, philosopher and OW. As ever, Viv Nutbeam and her team produced an excellent lunch, much appreciated by all.

Goddard Day 2016

120 members of the Goddard Legacy Society gathered together on a rather damp Saturday. Following a service in Chapel, conducted by Goddard member Simon Thorn (D, 1979-84), who is also Dean of Chapel, guests were given the opportunity of a guided tour and preview of the new Treasury, which was greatly admired.

Following drinks and lunch, the new Headmaster, Tim Hands, introduced himself to the assembled company and the Sen Man Major General Stuart Watson (F, 1936-41) replied on behalf of the guests. Despite the rain, it was generally agreed to have been a most enjoyable occasion.

Headmaster's Speech to Goddard Society

Goddard Day 2015
On 12 September a record number of Goddard members and their partners assembled for Chapel, drinks and lunch in the recently refurbished New Hall. They were welcomed by outgoing Goddard Chairman Robin Fox (A,1950-55), who has now handed over the baton to David Fellowes (I,1963-67) and by the Headmaster, whose address in Chapel and speech after lunch gave much food for thought. Food of a more nourishing kind was as ever supplied by Viv Nutbeam and her team. 


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