Membership of The American Friends of Winchester College (AFWC) is open to all OWs, parents and past parents living in North America.

The mission of the AFWC is to facilitate communication between the School and OWs in America, to provide a focal point for the community of OWs in America and in addition, to raise funds supporting a range of projects including bursaries and the renovation of the School’s ancient buildings.

If you would like to become more involved with the American Friends group, you may contact directly either Patti White or Mary Emerson.  Your suggestions and comments are extremely valuable and we should like to hear from you.

Donors who pay tax in the USA can give tax efficiently via the AFWC by donating online or by downloading a donation form. 

OWs in New York June 2019
A small group of OWs met in New York for an informal strategy session to discuss the role and impact of the American Friends of Winchester College (AFWC).

AFWC Meeting June 2019Front row: Andrew Hayes (F, 1980-81), Gideon Asher (C, 1978-82),
Michael Donovan (A, 1954-59) and host, Rod Parker (A, 1961-65).
Back row: Sam Duncan (F, 1996-01), Teddy Lynn (I, 1987-92),
Nathaniel Allen, Former Winchester Junior Fellow and Don (2007-09).

You can view information on AFWC past events here.


Board of Directors
Patti White (Past Parent), Chairman
Gideon Agar (C, 1978-82)
Simon Aldridge (H, 1988-92)
Nathaniel Allen (Winchester Junior Fellow, 2007-09)
ChiPing Cheung (Parent)
Michael Donovan (A, 1954-59)
Daniel Gordon (E,1968-69)
Richard Gridley (C, 1948-53)
Jonathan de Lande Long (I, 1964-69)
Christopher Lupo (H, 1998-03)
Michael Pass (Winchester Junior Fellow, 2006-07)
Andrew Watt (B, 1976-80)

Paresh Thakrar, Treasurer
Lorna Stoddart, Secretary

Contact Details
Mary Emerson, Executive Director

228 Park Avenue South #37070
New York, NY 10003
T. +1 917 747 9517

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