Golf Bursary Fund

Jack Keating, (C, 2009 – 14)
Jack was the first Golf Bursary Fund recipient. It wasn’t until Jack’s third year, when his family circumstances changed, that the Keatings approached the School regarding a bursary. Prior to this Jack was already a committed golfer, playing for the senior team. He had quickly established himself as a regular first team player and it was his ability, commitment and most of all his determination that meant he was chosen to play in the Micklem Trophy team.

Jack Keating was a worthy recipient of the first ever Winchester College Golf Bursary, and he has already played and made his mark in the Halford Hewitt. He is now the Club Captain for Aberdeen University GC and plays off a handicap of four.

‘I found myself towards the end of my third year, acutely aware of the financial strain the family was under and started to feel guilty about things. With 3 younger sisters at home, I was forced to consider alternatives for 6th Form. When my Dad informed me that I had been awarded the first golf bursary and would be able to stay at Winchester, I was over the moon. The final two years at school were the best of my life to date. Not only was I able to improve my golf through lessons and the opportunity to play in tournaments such as the Independent Schools Golf Association European Championships but I also enjoyed the full Winchester experience. I played in XVs and V1s twice, had the lead part in the school play in my 4th year and was head of house in my final year. I had an incredible time and made friends for life, my best friends at that’.

Sergej Stojiljkovic, (F, 2013 - 17)
For Sergej in particular, this bursary was transformational. He is a Serbian, lives with his grandparents in Belgrade and came to the School’s attention through the Captain of the R&A. Though very bright, English is not his first language. Prior to starting Winchester in 2014, the School arranged tutoring in Science, using Skype, and also some tutoring in English in Belgrade.

Aged 14, and without the benefit of any previous coaching, he played off seven and easily passed the Golf Bursary Fund’s sub-committee examination at The Berkshire. He entered Chawker’s in September 2014 as a second year boy. Sergej’s handicap is now three.

Sergej received a 100% bursary from Winchester. He is now studying at the University of Belgrade and we hope that he will join the Hewitt ranks in due course.

‘I started at Win Coll in 2013 which changed my destiny. The huge support from the College and the golf bursary allowed me to come from a small country to a new environment and to one of the best schools in the world. I had great support in the academic field. Outstanding golf coaching and unstinting encouragement from OWs allowed me to progress in golf. Receipt of the bursary and completing my time at Winchester have given me a great perspective and a better future. Without this marvellous education, lots of support and great people and friends around me, I would never be able to fulfill my ambitions. Winchester has developed my character and made me more ambitious, hard working and devoted to everything I do. Perhaps the most important benefit is that I learnt and embraced a new value system. In summary the golf bursary and attending Winchester College has been life changing for me.’

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