Golf Bursary Fund

Andrew Shedden, Registrar
‘The Golf Bursary Fund has been a great success in terms of helping to recruit good boys to Winchester. We have received interest from parents who probably would not have considered Winchester had the funds not been available to support their son through his time at the School. The boys who have received a bursary have proved to be valuable additions to the School community and I look forward to adding to their number in the years ahead.’

Rob Moore, Master-in-Charge of Golf
The GBF has had an extremely positive impact on golf in the school, across the board. In a practical sense it has given the more able golfers in particular, greater access to coaching, thanks to the coaching fund which is available for the Micklem squad. This, in turn has meant a far greater 'take up' from boys of all abilities of the coaching that the school provides for all boys, as a matter of course. More significant though, is the impact that the golf bursary recipients have had on golf. The perception and reputation of Winchester College has transformed, both internally and externally. Golfers want to come to the school because they know of the golf programme that the GBF ultimately helps provide; golfing boys arrive at the school and want to be part of it, as a result of its success. Added to the influence the bursary recipients have as role models too, the impact is hugely significant. For beginners, it is something to admire and enough to spur on their efforts to master the basics and improve; for established golfers, they are a yardstick for which to aim and aspire to. For everyone a successful, well-run and popular sport has greater appeal and interest. The result of course, is more boys playing golf and improved standards and participation across the board.

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