A warm welcome to the latest edition of the Wykeham Journal.

A sense of vitality pervades its pages, an accurate and encouraging reflection of a community which respects its heritage and traditions whilst embracing innovation with enthusiasm. As Thomas Arnold (OW) put it, ‘there is nothing so unnatural and so convulsive to society as the strain to keep things fixed when all the world is in continual progress….  That natural but most deadly error, that our business is to preserve and not to improve, is the ruin and the fall alike of individuals, school and nations’.    Improvements alas do not always involve preservation.  

The importance and fragility of our natural environment, beyond its sheer beauty, is more keenly felt by this current generation of Wykehamists than perhaps any other. Developing a sustainable school, rooted within a thriving, vibrant community is not only topical but critical to what we must achieve here, in our most stunningly beautiful of school environments. 

We are all very grateful to Rupert Younger for his thoughtful editorship of this volume. He clearly developed an instant rapport with each of his interviewees, successfully capturing their spirit and motivations. His respect and love for the countryside is evident throughout the volume. So too are warmth and balance in the article describing David Yeomans’s term as Housemaster. 

I would like to thank all of our donors, supporters, volunteers, and friends for their generosity and enthusiasm. Such commitment ensures that our school continues to be an inspiring place of learning for our pupils and for the wider community we serve.

Dr Timothy Hands

Wykeham Journal 2019

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