We hope that you are staying safe and well during this challenging period and adjusting to a new routine. We await further clarity from the Government as to when and how the school can start to return to business. In accordance with its guidance, there may be a possible return for some pupils before the end of term, but only if it is safe to do so. Until then, the dons have fully embraced the technology available and are finding creative ways to teach the boys and to support them in many other ways. 

Sunlight over Meads

Community Update
The boarding houses may be empty but a considerable amount is happening behind the scenes and the school website is a good place to find out about all the activities.
    • The History of Sport in a Public School - The Director of Sport, Mark Burley, examines the role that Winchester has played in making it such a prominent part of school life. 
    • Postcards from Home - Every week a student sends a virtual postcard to the school updating us on life from his current classroom.
    • Catering for the Community - Offering meals, accommodation, face masks and local support, the school's community is continuing to help those in need.
    • Why do Epidemics end? - Dr Cullerne hopes to shed some light on terminology and concepts discussed at the daily Downing Street briefings and in doing so explains in non-technical language where we appear to be in this epidemic.
    • A Life on our Planet - On Earth Day, 22 April 2020, pupils were due to watch David Attenborough's latest film in an exclusive screening, thanks to the generosity of the Stewarts who continue to support the school's teaching of Natural History, in honour of their son Duncan.

War Cloister

Victory in Europe 

Friday 8 May marked the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. 2,370 Wykehamists, 69 Quiristers and 16 Assistant Masters served in the armed forces of the Second World War, and 270 lost their lives. From the achives, here are some personal reflections of how boys marked the historic day.

The dons used the school's online teaching platforms to give ten-minute talks to the boys on themes ranging from post-war Germany to 20th century diplomacy. These were intended for internal distribution, but we thought you might be interested in listening to one:
  • Coventry Cathedral, the building of a post war icon - by Adam Rattray, Head of Art History. Listen here.


A Letter from America 

The Wykehamical community is scattered around the globe. Over the forthcoming months we are asking OWs who live and work overseas to send us their jottings. Our inaugural letter comes from Andrew Watt (B, 1976-80) who has served the fundraising community for nearly 30 years. During that time, he has represented communities in Brussels, Westminster, on the Hill in Washington and Ottawa, and around the globe.


Crown & Manor

Crown and Manor has had a successful launch to their recent fundraising campaign. On the back of this, the Chairman, David Cornell (K, 1982-87) and the Club Manager, Frank Shillington, will host a webinar via Zoom about the work of the club on Thursday 4 June at 6pm. For those OWs who have fond memories of C&M and would like to see it in its present guise this is an excellent opportunity to bring yourselves up to date. If you would like to participate, please email Clare Bryce-Smith who will send you login details.


Alex roe


At the end of this month we say goodbye to the Director of Win Coll Soc, Alex Roe (G, 1972-75). Alex will be retiring from this full time role and the hosting of many a good party but will be continuing to help produce The Trusty Servant (the May edition can be viewed here) and will remain as our Obituarist. Of course, once you have been a Director of Win Coll Soc, it is very difficult to leave the fold, for which we are very grateful! Until Alex's successor is found, Patrick Walker (I, 1965-70) will be stepping into the breach as Acting Director.

The Win Coll Soc team will miss Alex's presence in the office, his wonderful stories, his concise prose and enormous generosity of spirit. 

If you are interested in becoming his successor, a full job description and application form can be found here.
And Finally ...

One man's rubbish is another's treasure!

If you are using this time to de-clutter and come across any reminiscences of your Winchester school days, letters home or memories of VE/VJ Day, then please do email our Archivist, Suzanne Foster, who is always pleased to hear from you.

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