Old Wykehamist Guilds

Guild Dinner
Tuesday 23 October 2018
50 members of the OW Guilds gathered at the Cavalry and Guards Club. Mark Cornell (K, 1979-84), currently Chief Executive of the Ambassadors Theatre Group, described the ups and downs of his career in marketing and gave an inspirational talk on why good leadership is the most important aspect of a successful business.

20 Years-on Reunion Dinner
Thursday 19 April 2018
27 OWs from the Classes of ’97,’98 &’99 came together at the Cavalry & Guards Club. Trant’s housedon John Cullerne described the joys of being a Physics don who also taught Div. Phil Durham (B, 94-97) replied with some reminiscences of the public houses of Winchester!

OW Guild Lunch in Hong Kong
Thursday 12 April 2018
The OW Guild in Hong Kong had the honour of hosting a special lunch event on 12 April 2018 at the China Club in the presence of the Headmaster and Chairman of the Wykeham Campaign - Mr Nick Ferguson, who shared with us the latest developments on the Kingsgate project, as well as updates on other ongoing funding projects.

OW Guild Dinner 2017
Wednesday 27 September
55 OWs of varying professions gathered at the Cavalry and Guards Club. The guest speaker was Guy Davison (A,1971-75), who described his career in Private Equity and CinVen in particular. Guy is also Chairman of the Crown and Manor Club and he encouraged young OWs to become involved with that excellent institution. It was good to see so many OWs under the age of 30 in attendance and a most enjoyable evening was had by all.

OW Guild Dinner 2016
Thursday 22 September

55 OW Guild members attended dinner at the Cavalry & Guards Club and to listen to Edmund Truell, father of four Trantites although a Wellingtonian himself. Edi, who has a background in banking and private equity and is now chairman of Disruptive Capital,  spoke about the way in which he ran businesses and what had gone right and what went wrong.

Altogether it was a most enjoyable evening, with the two Sen Men, Alan Lovell (B, 1967-72) and John Hornby (I, 1967-72), happily dispensing free advice from their own vast experience.

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OW Guild Dinner 2015
Wednesday 21 October 

51 OW guild members gathered at the Cavalry and Guards Club and were welcomed by Alex Roe. Guest speaker Charles Stewart-Smith (G, 1974-79) entertained the assembled company on ‘Start Up, Build Up, Sell Up - Lessons from a Philite who built and sold some PR businesses’. A good discussion followed and there was a consensus that this Guild Dinner is a very worthwhile event for OWs of all ages to network both within and outside their current professions.

OW Guild Dinner 2014
Tuesday 28 October

57 OW guild members gathered at The Cavalry and Guards Club on 28th October and were welcomed by Tamara Templer. Guest speaker Richard Fuller (H, 73–77), Executive Director of Fuller Smith & Turner PLC, spoke about 'The challenges of a long term family business’ and then opened up a most interesting general discussion on the topic.

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