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OW South African Symposium
Thursday 18 March 2021 saw the inaugural Old Wykehamist online wine tasting. Simon Taylor (F, 1970 - 74), who is founder and Managing Director of Stone Vine and Sun, was our host. Simon has selected six South African wines from his range and entertained us to a tour of Cape red and white wines. Two of the wines came from Domaine des Dieux, a boutique wine farm near Hermanus and we were particularly blessed that Megan Mullis, the estate's wine manager, joined us during her busy harvest period to talk about her own 19 year wine making journey and the wines we were enjoying.

Wine Tasting March 2021    

A number of Wykeham Patrons, who should have been on their Patrons trip to South Africa this spring, too part in the wine tasting and hope to visit Megan's winery in 2022 when the delayed trip takes place. The next online wine tasting will place on Thursday 13 May.


Trant's 150th Anniversary Dinner
Tuesday 8 October 2019
On Tuesday 8 October 215 Trantites gathered at Merchant Taylors' Hall to celebrate an important milestone. Housemaster Stephen Rich spoke on behalf of current Trantites and General Sir Nick Carter (H, 72-76), Chief of the Defence Staff, replied on behalf of the guests, giving an enthralling brief on world affairs. An excellent evening was had by all.

60+ Years-on Reunion Lunch

85 members of the senior cohort of OWs gathered for lunch in the grand surroundings of the Cavalry & Guards Club's Coffee Room, with a stunning view looking over Green Park. They were addressed by Nick Ferguson (C, 1961-66) for the home team and Peter Stormonth Darling (C, 1945-50) replied on behalf of the guests, the last of whom left the premises at 4.15pm.


Phil's 150th Celebration Dinner

Tuesday 19 March 2019
230 Philites, a record so far for this series of 150th celebrations, gathered at Merchant Taylors’ Hall on Tuesday 19th March 2019. They were addressed by housemaster David Yeomans, to much applause from the younger element present. Harvey White (1949-54), who had organised the Centenary Dinner in 1969, also at Merchant Taylors’, replied on behalf of the guests in a heartfelt manner. An epic evening.

Chawker's 150th Celebration Dinner
Tuesday 5 February 2019

217 Chawkerite's, including immaculately behaved current 5th year boys, gathered at the lovely Merchant Taylor's Hall to mark the 150th Anniversary of Hawkins', twice the number who had dined at the House of Commons in 1969. James Hodgins, the Housemaster, welcomed the guests, and in particular the Sen Man Major General Stuart Watson (1936-41), and was followed by Malcolm Borthwick (1952-56), who replied on the guests' behalf. Domum was sung with great gusto. A most memorable evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Freddie's 150th Celebration
Tuesday 2 October 2018
195 Freddieites, including current 4th and 5th year boys, gathered in the sumptuous surroundings of Merchant Taylors' Hall to mark the 150th Anniversary of Freddie Morshead's founding of E House; this was rather more than the 121 who dined at the Connaught Rooms in January 1969.
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60 years-on Reunion Lunch
Wednesday 7 March 2018
55 OWs aged about 80 gathered at the Cavalry and Guards Club for lunch- a number admitted that this was the first time that they had been in touch with the school for 60 years! Alex Roe brought the assembled company up to date with events at the school and Simon Raison (A, 52-57), surrounded by Furleyites of his vintage replied on behalf of the guests.

30 Years-on Reunion Dinner
Wednesday 28 February 2018
60 OWs of the Classes of ’87, ’88 & ’89 gathered at the Cavalry and Guards Club. Tim Giddings, Editor of The Trusty Servant and Housemaster elect of Freddie’s spoke about how Win Coll notions had changed over the years and Sen man Julien Byrne (H, 82-87) replied on behalf of the guests. A very late night was had by most!

50 Years-on Reunion Lunch
Saturday 24 February 2018
A bright but cold and frosty morning greeted 35 nearly-70 year olds when they arrived at School for a welcome cup of coffee. This was followed be a tour of Treasury- Rachel Wragg conducting the guests skilfully around the exhibits. Drinks and lunch followed: Stephen Cobb spoke for the Home Team and Robert Jennings replied on behalf of the guests. By this time tribal noises could be heard outside and the company decamped into Meads, bathed in glorious sunshine, to watch a game of XVs which was a closer win by OTH than many had originally predicted.

Kenny's 150th Anniversary Dinner
Tuesday 6 February 2018
Within the splendid surroundings of the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, Threadneedle Street, 210 Kennyites sat down to celebrate 150 years since the house had been established by Rev Fearon. Included among the guests were 27 4th and 5th year boys, thus the age range was 17- 93 (Rob Tillard (D, 1937-42) who turned up for drinks). Housemaster Matt Winter welcomed the guests and Brigadier Andrew Myrtle (D, 1946-51) replied on their behalf. A splendid evening was had by all and there was a particularly healthy representation from younger Old Kennyites, which bodes well for the future.

Freddie’s turn is on 2 October 2018.

Under 25's Reunion Dinner
Friday 19 January 2018
Fifty-three young OWs gathered in the Army and Navy club for an evening of reminiscing and bonhomie (drinking, eating and what we got away with….) It was a particularly good atmosphere, with a splendidly amusing and engaging speech from Ian Fraser, Master in College. It was indeed so good that even Old Wallis managed to stay awake until pudding! Let’s relive the memories and do it all again next year!

Boat Club 150 Anniversary
Saturday 25 November 2017

95 OWs and parents gathered in College Hall for a dinner to celebrate Boat Club 150. Mr Alex Clayton, Master in Charge of Rowing, welcomed the guests and Christopher Turner (Coll, 1943-48), Toby Backhouse (B, 1982-87), Alexander Wythe (Coll, 2012-17) and Harry Peters ( B, 2011-16) replied.

OW Parliamentarian Dinner
Thursday 23 November 2017

Six top-year boys were shepherded up to the House of Lords by the Second Master and Alex Roe. There Viscount Younger (F, 1969-74) provided a tour of the glorious Queen’s Robing Room and Royal Gallery, followed by a presentation on the role of the Upper House. They then joined the Visitor and a dozen OW parliamentarians- working peers and MPs-for drinks and dinner. The Warden spoke on behalf of the school and Alex Ellis (K, 1980-85), Director General in the DEXEU, replied. An evening that the boys will remember.

The Monty Rendall Amiens Dinner Centennial
Friday 17 November 2017

One hundred years to the day after the original Amiens Dinner, a short Remembrance Parade was held in War Cloister, followed by drinks and a delicious dinner, skilfully designed by Viv Nutbeam to resemble the original. The 70 attendees- the same number as in France, were made up of senior OW military, young serving officers and descendants of the 1917 diners. The Headmaster spoke about Monty Rendall’s script in War Cloister and Lieutenant General Sir Hew Pike (I, 1956-60) replied on behalf of the guests. A most memorable evening.

Bath and Bristol Dinner
Friday 3 November 2017

34 OWs and their wives filled the glorious interior of the Merchants’ Hall, Clifton. Chairman Dayrell McArthur (I, 1959-64) welcomed the guests and Martin Clarke (K, 54-59) described the current condition of the school. Next year it is back to Bath.

65+ Years-on Reunion
Tuesday 10 October 2017
23 members of the senior cohort of OWs gathered for what has now become established as an annual event at the Cavalry & Guards Club. The Sub-Warden Robert Sutton (Coll, 1966-71) welcomed the guests and briefed the assembled company about the school. Adrian Longley (C, 1939-43), replied on behalf of the guests. Smart surroundings, good food, very old friends- what could be better!

20 Years-on Reunion
Thursday 27 April 2017
Raucous, rowdy revelry was the key note at this reunion of 20 year on OWs. The atmosphere generated by those around the table was terrific. A wonderful speech from the Guest Speaker Malcolm Hebron, Director of Drama (A, 1993-98), producing excellent imitas of the great characters among the dons of your day was complemented by James Devas and his tell all 'the follies of youth' reply on behalf of the OWs!  Discussion flowed on in the members bar until the small hours, just like being 'back up to House' …. Let’s do it all again next year.

50 Years-on Lunch
Thursday 16 March 2017
48 OWs of the Classes of 1966-68 gathered at the Cavalry & Guards Club on 16th March. Bishop Ambrose of Methoni said a Greek Grace, Andrew Joy (C, 1970-74) and Fellow, updated the assembled company about the state of the School and Sen Man Anthony Stamp (G, 1961-66) proposed the toast Crescet res wiccamica. Sun streaming off Green Park into a beautiful dining room made an excellent backdrop for a most entertaining reunion.

60 Years-on Lunch
Saturday 11 March 2017
A large gathering of 73 OWs from the classes of 1955-58 assembled for coffee in School, followed by a Div Hour in Chantry: Michael Wallace described the WW1 experiences of four OWs, using a US 1917 pattern bayonet as a teaching aid! Drinks and lunch were followed by a tour round the new Treasury and Commoner v OTH VIs.

30 Years-on Reunion Dinner
Saturday 11 February 2017
On a grey overcast afternoon, and in the teeth of a bitterly cold wind, 34 members of the Classes of ’85, ’86 ,’87 & ‘88 gathered to watch Commoners comfortably beat OTH at XVs. This was  followed by an enthralling  ‘’Div Hour’’ in the new Treasury, taken by Dr Richard Foster, the Keeper, who had emptied the silver display cases so that his precious cups could be handled by the assembled OWs. Drinks, compline and dinner followed, with Julian Spencer, Head of Classics, speaking for the home team, while Innes Henry (F, 1980-85) replied for the guests.

40 Years-on Reunion Dinner 
Thursday 9 February 2017
48 members of the Classes of ’86, ’87 & ’88 came together for dinner at the Cavalry & Guards Club. They were welcomed by Alex Roe, Director of Win Coll Soc, who declared himself extremely happy with the large Philite contingent, many of whom he had not seen since 1975. The Sub-Warden, Robert Sutton, was the home team speaker; Calum Sillars replied on behalf of the guests and extolled the benefits of getting on the water in general and OW Sailing Club in particular.

Under 25s Dinner
Friday 20 January 2017
Smiles all round and a grand evening of wine, food and above all great company at the under 25s OW dinner at the Rag. Thank you to the 46 who supported this event. A great turn-out. Let’s do it all again next year and beat the 50 guests mark! 

25-45's Dinner 
Tuesday 18 October 2017
In an atmosphere of bonhomie across the generations, the 25-45 OWs settled down to dinner in the Waterloo room. Daniel Hilken (I, 1984-89) was Sen Man joining in the now traditional singing of Happy Birthday to Nikhil Venkateswaran (I, 1984-89). James Menhinick (D, 2000-05) gave the speech on behalf of the OWs and Mr Nick Wilks, Second Master, gave the “state of the nation” speech on behalf of the School. The Director of Winchester College Society had a much lighter purse by midnight down in the members’ bar! 

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65+ Years-on Reunion
Tuesday 11 October 2016
There was a record turn–out of 48 at the Cavalry & Guards Club from the Class of ‘51 and earlier, despite the best attempts of the Southern Region RMT to prevent attendance. Stuart Watson (F, 1936-41) was hailed as Sen Man, Mike Wallis from the home team discussed the merits and otherwise of Spencer Leeson and Walter Oakshott, and Fane Vernon (H, 1937-42) replied on behalf of the guests. Altogether great fun. 

20 Years-on Reunion
Thursday 17 March 2016
A merry band of some 35 OWs gathered at the Cavalry and Guards club on Thursday 17 March. Kennyites and Philites seemed to be in the ascendancy. In the absence of a Collegeman MDW was forced to give the short grace in his best Scottish Latin accent. Patrick Herring the new Director of Studies and former Housedon of Toye’s gave the speech on behalf of the school. Nikki Singla (E) replied on behalf of the OWs, recounting the follies of youth, and as ever “ what we got away with”.  If you  missed out this year do come next year for the classes of 96, 97 and 98. 

Laying up of a Union Standard of The Life Guards
Sunday 13 March 2016
The School received a great honour on Sunday 13 March when a Life Guards Standard was laid up on the altar in Chapel. Following a brief parade in War Cloister, with a CCF Guard being inspected by Maj Gen Sir Simon Cooper (B, 1949-54) and in the presence of Field Marshall Lord Guthrie, Colonel of The Life Guards and The Warden, the Standard was marched to Chapel were it was received on behalf of the School by the Dean of Chapel, Rev’d Dr Simon Thorn. Eight bandsmen in the organ loft lifted the Choir’s rendition of Parry’s’ I was glad’ to ethereal heights. 

Win Coll looked at its best and splendid hospitality for Life Guard guests and a collection of senior OW soldiers was provided with drinks and lunch in School. The Standard’s final resting place will be hanging from the ceiling in Crimea.

50 Years-on Reunion 
Saturday 12 March 2016
40 members of the classes of ’65,’66  & ’67 gathered at Win Coll on Saturday 12th March. For 45 minutes, they were enthralled and highly entertained by a ‘ Div Hour’ from Peter Cramer, Art History Don, on the Giselbertus image of Eve on a capital in Autun Cathedral. This was followed by an excellent lunch in School, with amusing speeches by Nick Ferguson (Fellow; C, 1961-66), who praised the efficient functioning of GoBo, and then Mark Pyper (D, 1960-65), who described the perils of quoting Notions when outside the Win Coll context.

A thrilling game of VIs followed on a relatively dry College Canvas, basking in the early spring sunshine, followed by tea. A memorable day for all.

40 Years-on reunion Dinner
Saturday 27 February 2016
On a bright afternoon, but with a bitterly cold northerly wind sweeping across Meads, 35 members of the Classes of ’75, ’76 & ’77 gathered to watch XVs, followed by a most entertaining ‘’Div Hour’’ in Chantry, taken by Dr Richard Foster, the Keeper of Treasury, who explained the history of Chantry and described the exciting prospect of the new Treasury’s opening in September. Drinks, Compline and dinner followed, with Patrick Herring, Director of Studies, speaking for the home team, while Professor Francis Pott (C, 1971-75) replied for the guests on the easy subject of ‘’ the Wonder of being an Old Wykehamist’’.

Under 25s Dinner
Friday 29 January 2016
On Friday 29 January, 50 OWs gathered at the Rag (Army and Navy club, Pall Mall) for a merry evening of food and wine. There were very strong turn-outs from Kenny's, Trant's and College. The speech on behalf of the School was given by Laurence Guymer. This proved to be a hilarious account of " one day in the life of a don in term time" Judging from the raucous laughter, his insights into the comings and goings of Flint Court touched many a raw nerve! We'll do it all again next year same place, different speaker at the end of January. 

25-45s Dinner
Tuesday 6 October 2015
A grand night was had by some 50 OWs in the Cavalry and Guards club. A double whammy of superb speeches from Nick Salwey (B, 1982-96) and André Sokol (D, 1985-90) lit up the evening. The highlight of the evening, however, was a lusty, yet dirge like rendition in true up to House style of “ Happy Birthday” sung to Nikhil Venkateswaran (I, 1984-89). Let’s do it all again next year!

50 Years-on Reunion
Tuesday 29 September 2015
42 OWs from the classes of ’64, ’65 & ’66 gathered at the Cavalry & Guards Club on Tuesday 29 September 2015. Charles Sinclair (B, 1961-66) , Nick Ferguson (C, 1961-66) and Robert Woods (G, 1960-64)  provided a strong representation from GoBo, with Robert speaking on behalf of the home team, encouraging all OWs to become involved in the management of their local schools as well as supporting Win Coll. Bruce Dinwiddy (C, 1959-64)  replied on behalf of the guests.

40 Years-on Reunion
Tuesday 22 September 2015
41 OWs from the classes of ’74, ’75 & ’76 gathered at the Cavalry & Guards Club on Tuesday 22 September 2015. On one of his first public outings in his new post, the Second Master Nick Wilks gave an amusing account of his first impressions after two weeks in the job. David Anderson (Coll, 1969-74), hotfoot from running a successful Win Coll v. OWs sailing weekend at Seaview, replied on behalf of the guests. David was also keen to point out that, although he was mentioned twice on the 1974 Long Roll (on show for the evening), he had actually left the School by then and was this a record? A most enjoyable evening closed with Professor Francis Pott (C, 1971-75) playing a few bars on the Club piano.

Nevin Pot
Sunday 22 March 2015
In a repeat of last year’s highly successful tournament, 60 young OWs from the universities and the recently employed, but also including a team of ‘Vets’- i.e. middle-aged men rather than animal doctors - spent a glorious afternoon in the Winchester sunshine playing IXs to an exceptionally high standard. A brand new cup - Nevin Pot, which had been generously donated by David Fellowes was given its first airing and was awarded by Michael Nevin himself in an emotional speech: not only were the Hopperite Team the winners, beating Exeter in a nail-biting final 24-22 and benefitting from the eight post busts of James Essex, but the great man also admitted that Win: Co: Fo: was what he had most enjoyed during the combined total of 43 years he had spent at Win Coll.

Thanks go to Oli Wettern for yet again proving that social media is an effective way of herding OWs and for his calm organisation of the teams and playing schedule. It is fully intended to make this a permanent fixture in the OW sporting calendar, so please put Sunday 20 March 2016 in your diary now. Stuart Churchill is already onside!


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