Following the recent coverage in the press of Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites’ offer to support our bursary work, I thought it would be helpful to clarify the school’s position.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support that our bursary programme receives. Without this support, our scheme would be smaller and have less impact. The programme offers bursaries of up to 100% to roughly 120 current pupils. This allows many to benefit from a Winchester education who otherwise would not. Our key criteria for awarding bursaries are simple:

a) The boy has the ability to get into Winchester and take advantage of the education on offer.

b) Without financial support, the boy would be unable to come to the school.

In the case of Sir Bryan’s offer, he wished to attach conditions linked to the ethnic background of those applying for an award. Our lawyers advised that this was almost certainly illegal. The other school involved received separate advice to the same effect. In addition, the Governing Body was clear that we did not want to introduce requirements linked to race, ethnicity, religion or any similar factors to our bursary programme.

Steven Little
16 January 2020

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