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The Qs had a very busy first term of the academic year, culminating in a number of high-profile performances in December. They performed two repeat concerts in Exeter Cathedral, alongside the Exeter Philharmonic Choir and Chaconne Brass, and the annual charity concert at St Luke's Chelsea. 

This term has began with our recording at Merton College, Oxford of Christmas music with the wonderful Onyx Brass and Benjamin Cunningham at the organ. The disc will be released in the Autumn and we will make sure you have full details of that well in advance. Read More.

Looking ahead, we are especially pleased that the Qs have been engaged by Raymond Gubbay productions for a Carmina Burana at Birmingham Symphony Hall in March. And, in July, the Chapel Choir will be performing with a professional line-up of session players and soloists at West Green House Opera. Engagements such as this will help in continuing to raise the profile of Qs and complement all that they do on a weekly basis in Chapel.

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Howard Ionescu
Director of Chapel Music

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