The 1382 Society has been created by Winchester in order to recognise our loyal committed givers. Their donations benefit the school by a providing steady and predictable income stream.

Current regular donors automatically become members of the 1382 Society and will be recognised as such in the Wykeham Journal.
Since the school’s foundation in 1382, we have continually relied on philanthropy in order to continue William of Wykeham’s vision of giving access to the best education for those who would benefit most, irrespective of their financial background. The donations received in the past have made the school what it is today. We are carrying on the tradition, fundraising to benefit Wykehamists of the future.

Collectively our committed givers donate more than £150,000 towards the school every year. Together their donations enhance the school's educational provision and extracurricular activities. It does not matter how small, or large a gift is, every gift makes a difference and collectively are very important.

You can make an online donation now.

For further information please contact Winchester College Society, Development office.
T: +44 (0)1962 621239


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