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The 1382 Society has been created by Winchester in order to recognise generous donors to the Annual Fund. Regular support of the Fund benefits the School by providing a steady and predictable income stream.

A minimum donation of £1,382 a year, for 3 years, qualifies you to become a member of the 1382 Society. The donation can be a one-off gift or a regular direct debit (e.g. £115.17 a month). 

Net Gift
(per month)

Net Gift Over three
Gross Value to Win Coll
(after Gift Aid)
Monthly Cost to a higher rate tax payer (40%) Monthly Cost to an additional rate tax payer (45%)
 £115.17  £1,382  £4,146  £5,182.50  £86.38  £79.18






Members of the 1382 Society can enjoy the following benefits during their 3 year period of membership:

  • A yearly invitation to an event to celebrate the achievements of the 1382 Society
  • Special recognition in the Wykeham Journal
  • A unique 1382 pin badge of the Trusty Servant

For further information please email the Development Office or make an online donation now.
T. +44 (0)1962 621217

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