The Telephone Campaign: 15 July - 29 July 2019

What is the Telephone Campaign?
The Telephone Campaign is run by Winchester College Society with the specific objectives of raising money for the school’s priorities, in particular bursaries, and updating the community on forthcoming events and school news. Over the summer a team of 13 young OWs, based in Science School, will be calling OWs and parents from all over the world.


Since 2009 our callers have raised nearly £2million towards the Annual Fund. Thank you to everyone we have spoken to over the last 9 years, and especially to those who have also donated.


The 2019 Telephone Campaign: Monday 15 July to 29 July 2019

This year we would like your support towards the Kingsgate Park Project. The building of a new state-of-the-art Sports Centre is the largest project that the school has ever undertaken since its foundation. It will raise the profile of the school and of course sport. In addition we are still fundraising for Annual Fund, in particular House Bursaries.


We will be writing to 2,000 OWs and parents to invite them to be part of this year’s telephone campaign at the end of June. Invitees will be able to opt out of being part of this year’s Telephone Campaign if they so wish to. 

Our 2019 Callers

Ryan Donaghue (E, 2015-17)
William Spinks (C, 2014-19)
Richard Discombe-Short (E, 2017-19)
Ludo Rothman (A, 2013-19)
Lekan Olagunju (F, 2017-19)
Maxym Kadarauch (H, 2011-16)
Tariq Sinnetamby (E, 2014-2019)
Henry Bertlin (I. 2013-18)
George Gillow (A, 2012-17)
Henry Whaley (G, 2011-16)
Adam Caperton (G, 2011-16)
Felix Delaforce (E, 2013-18)
Adeniyi Coker (G, 2011-16)

 For further information please email the Development Office or telephone +44 (0)1962 621239.

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