The Trusty Servant
The Trusty Servant is published twice a year, free of charge. OWs are invited to send us news for inclusion in the magazine by the end of March and September for the May and November issues respectively. 

                                                      November 2020 Issue 130 

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The Wykehamist
The Wykehamist is the student-authored magazine at Winchester College concerning life at the school, ranging from reports on talks, concerts, trips, and general discussion about day-to-day activities, featuring articles by our team of staff writers, as well as contributions from other members of the school.
January 2020 Edition 1487

Spirit Lamp
Spirit Lamp is written and edited entirely by boys, overseen by a don. The publication provides readers with many examples of boys’ contemporary writing and poetry.
Cloister Time 2017:  Issue 19

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2014 Pendlebury
2012 Winchester College Collections
2010 Natural History Society
2008 Fellows' Library
2008 Art School
2007 Crown and Manor
The Trusty Servant 50 Year Special


Wykeham Journal 2020
This latest edition of the Wykeham Journal reflects on an extraordinary year. You will find a series of articles and interviews, including stories about Winchester’s response to the pandemic, transforming lives through bursary support and widening access, and an archeological find which has excited the historians. Please click on the image below to read online.

Wykeham Journal 2020
 Archived Wykeham Journals

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