Outdoor Learning

Winchester College is situated on the banks of an internationally rare and important habitat, a gin clear chalk stream and its associated habitats, particularly the flood meadows. Further afield is the 97 metre summit of St. Catherine’s Hill, which is the Western most part of the South Downs National Park, and Twyford Down which dominates the skyline. Both are Sites of Special Scientific Interest and nature reserves of some repute.

In 2016, to encourage the boys to have a greater understanding and knowledge of their environment, the natural world and ecology, the Duncan Louis Stewart Fellowship in Natural History was established. The endowment to fund the post was raised entirely from donations, and Nick Baker, a naturalist and TV presenter, was recruited as the first Fellow. His time is spent working with dons and boys, organising lectures, practical excursions, and expeditions, and in due course will be teaching Div as the Headmaster wants the impact of this post to be felt well into the future and beyond Winchester’s doors.

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