William of Wykeham founded Winchester College in 1382 for the purpose of educating boys to exercise leadership in society. His own life story is an example of such leadership. As the school has grown over the centuries, reflecting continuing changes in English society, the Founder's intentions have been reinterpreted in order to remain true to his purpose of providing the greatest possible access to those who can best profit (whatever their social background or their parents' means) from the school's educational programme.

The provision of high-quality education, particularly where boarding is concerned, is unavoidably expensive. We believe Winchester College provides the best education available to boys of strong intellectual potential. We maintain beautiful historic buildings that form part of the nation's history and which enhance the atmosphere which is conducive to study. The 93 listed buildings, nine of which are Grade 1, attract visitors from all around the world, and guided tours facilitate understanding of the history, ethos and heritage of the school.

The Campaign's emphasis is to build on the endowment funds to ensure the benefits of The Wykeham Campaign are lasting. 

The Wykeham Campaign Committee
The Committee is made up of 15 members, all of whom have demonstrated their commitment to Winchester College by making a lead gift, or by demonstrating their willingness to assist and support with the solicitation of others. They are:

Nicholas Ferguson CBE (C, 1961-66), Chairman
Korn Chatikavanij (D, 1978-82), Thailand
Patrick Dear (C, 1974-79)
James Ferguson (D, 1961-66)
Winston Ginsberg (I, 1981-85)
Viscount Gough (G, 1955-59)
The Hon Sir David Li (Past Parent), Hong Kong
Mark Loveday (H, 1957-62)
Torquil McAlpine (Past Parent)
Richard Orders (E, 1967-72), Hong Kong
John Sanders (F, 1956-61)
Richard Sanders (K, 1984-89)
David & Kim Stewart (Past Parents)
Jay Varkey (D, 1998-03)

If you would like further information about the Wykeham Campaign please contact Winchester College Society, Development Office.
T. +44 (0)1962 621407

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