The Telephone Campaign is run by Winchester College Society with the specific objectives of raising money for the school’s priorities, in particular bursaries, and updating the community on forthcoming events and school news.

Since 2009 our callers have raised over £2 million towards the Annual Fund. Thank you to everyone we have spoken to over the last 12 years, and especially to those who have also donated.


Our team of 12 telephone campaign callers spoke to 550 OWs and parents during the course of this year's campaign. Our aim was to raise £180,000 during this year's telephone campaign, the equivalent of two VI Book bursaries. Over the course of two weeks, the Wykehamical community has raised an incredible £230,000. Gifts large and small, one-off and regular have all been added together to achieve this fantastic result. 

In February 2021 the Governing Body laid out their vision for the future of Winchester College. Central to their vision for the school is to expand bursary provision. The school has for many years offered a generous bursary scheme, which currently benefits about 120 boys in the school. It is in keeping with William of Wykeham’s vision as well as our philosophy of modernisation that we admit promising pupils whatever their background. The scheme will continue and grow, with the initial objective of a 25% increase, to 150 pupils by 2024.

This year’s telephone campaign has focused on bursary provision and has helped us to work towards the goal of 150 pupils in receipt of bursary support by 2024. Your support will help more people like Nasir access the incredible opportunities a Winchester education has to offer. 

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