The Council provides support and advice to the Society, helping with alumni and development initiatives.

Nat Hone (F, 1968-72)
Christopher Normand (F, 1976-81), Director of Win Coll Soc
Winston Ginsberg (I, 1981-85)

Henry Knapman (B, 1986-91), Chairman
Caspar Uniacke (H, 1986-91)

Guy Pascoe (I, 1986-91)
Ryan O'Keeffe (C, 1996-98)
David Hogan-Hern (Coll, 1994-99)
Freddie Bjorn (H, 1995-00)
Conrad Griffin (I, 2004-09)
Dr Tim Hands, Headmaster
Lorna Stoddart, Director of Development
Tamara Templer, Deputy Director of Development
Adam Rattray, Director of The Friends of Winchester College

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