WYKEHAM WEEK 12-18 June 2022

This summer we are hoping to improve on 2020’s very successful Wykeham Week. Over 400 members of the Wykehamical Community helped us to celebrate Winchester’s 11 boarding houses and raised over £100,000 towards bursaries.

Wykeham Week 2022 is all about celebrating sport at Winchester - from individual sporting triumphs to the house spirit generated on the Winchester Football canvas. Furthermore, Win Coll Soc will be running a 36-hour fundraising challenge to raise £250,000 towards equipment for our new sports centre, which is due to open in spring 2023. Anything raised over the £250,000 will go towards the new sports centre project.

Wykeham Week will bring the community together, with competitions and challenges throughout the week. So whether you are donating to the campaign, entering the caption competition, becoming a volunteer ambassador or joining us on Wykeham Day (18th June), we do hope you will get involved. 

For more information about how to get involved please email Winchester College Society 


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