The Friends of Winchester College offer members a diverse programme of virtual events, full details of which can be seen in the list below.  You can register and book online to attend these events.

Professor Jagjit Chadha: Tuesday 27 April, 7.30pm (Online Event)
The UK Economy in the Pandemic and Beyond
A talk by Professor Jagjit Singh Chadha, a British economist and Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. He is on secondment from his position as Professor and Chair in Money and Banking in the Department of Economics at the University of Kent. He is Professor of Commerce at Gresham College and was Chair of the Money, Macro and Finance Research Group (now Money, Macro and Finance Society) and was previously a specialist adviser to the Treasury Select Committee. He is also a part-time Visiting Professor of Economics at Cambridge University.

Professor Mark Galeotti: Tuesday 25 May, 7.30pm (Online Event)
A Short History of Russia (the country that keeps re-inventing itself)
Every country rewrites its history, every nation picks its past, but few countries and nations as assiduously as Russia. Why has there been such a need for the constant re-invention of Russia's thousand-year history, and what are the continuities between medieval Muscovy, the Tsars' Russia, the Soviet Union and today's nation? And how is Vladimir Putin trying to redefine the past to control the future?

Dr Mark Galeotti is a scholar, writer and consultant on Russia. Educated at Cambridge and the LSE, he went on to become Head of History at Keele University, an adviser at the Foreign Office, Professor of Global Affairs at New York University and Head of the Centre for European Security at the Institute of International Affairs Prague. Having been a visiting professor at Rutgers-Newark, MGIMO (Moscow) and Charles University, he is now based back in the UK. He heads the consultancy Mayak Intelligence and is an Honorary Professor at UCL and a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. A prolific writer, his recent titles include The Vory: Russia's super mafia, We Need To Talk About Putin and A Short History of Russia.

Professor Ronen Steinberg: Thursday 17 June, 7.30pm  (Online Event)
The French Revolution
Professor Ronen Steinberg is an associate professor in the Department of History at Michigan State University. His main areas of interest are the French Revolution, transitional justice, and mass violence. Professor Steinberg has published articles on the history of terrorism, transitional justice, trauma and history, and of course, the French Revolution. Professor Steinberg will give an outline of the main events of the French Revolution and his take on certain key events and themes, such as the Terror.

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