The Friends of Winchester College offer members a diverse programme of events full details of which can be seen in the newsletter and diary of events each term. You can register and book online to attend these events. 

Studium: Wednesday 14 October 2020
Seriously Studium. Forget what you remember about sixth-form general studies days. The Winchester Studium is a highlight of a year for many boys and dons. Stephen Shuttleworth spends months arranging a fascinating range of speakers including historians, explorers, judges, public figures and scientists. The line up this year is remarkable. More details will be announced at a later date, but do register your interest now as spaces are limited.

Highlights from the Fellows' Library: Tuesday 20 October 2020
Dr Richard Foster (Head of Treasury and Fellows’ Librarian) and Dr Sarah Griffin (Treasury) will show a short film of highlights from the College’s extraordinary Fellow’s Library. Following the film, Sarah and Richard will answer any questions you have, with many of the books that appear in the film in front of them. 

Shakespeare's Pleasure from Measure: Thursday 5 November 2020
On 5 November, the Headmaster of Winchester College, Dr Tim Hands, will be speaking on Shakespeare’s Pleasure from Measure at 7.00pm. In this introductory talk, he reflects on what he has learnt about the play and its author since, with passing emphasis on the Wykehamist critic William Empson. The talk will include a summary of the play and expect no special knowledge of the text - though audience members may find that the benefits of a read in advance bring pleasure in greater measure.
Div Lesson: Thursday 26 November 2020
Have you ever wanted to sit in a Winchester classroom? On the 29 November at 7.00pm Andy Sparkes, Head of Div (general studies) at Winchester College, will be your teacher for an hour. Mr Sparkes, whose diplomatic career included several ambassadorships, will ask questions of you as well as leading the debate. It will be a fascinating evening.

Carl Fabergé: Tuesday 1 December 2020
Goldsmith, designer, and a businessman of genius Carl Fabergé is best remembered for the 50 Imperial Easter Eggs he designed for the Royal Empresses Maria and Alexandria between 1885 and 1917. In this forty-minute talk, on Tuesday 1 December at 7.00pm, you will be taken back to the splendour and tragedy of a pre-WW1 world.

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