Day 4 Morshead

MORSHEAD (E, 1896-00)
In celebration of the start of the new Sport Centre project, a graffiti artist is producing large-scale murals of OW Gold Medal Olympians.  

In 1924, the International Olympic Committee decided to award a gold medal retrospectively to all those who had taken part in the 1922 attempt on Everest. The award was to celebrate ‘absolute heroism on behalf of all of the nations of the world.’ Among the group three OWs received a gold medal for Alpinism; Mallory (Coll, 1900-05) Bullock (Coll, 1901-06) and Morshead. 
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15 to 29 JULY
Thirteen young OWs will be calling OWs and parents as part of our telephone campaign. They will tell you more about what's going on at the school and the fundraising campaign for the new sports centre, Kingsgate Park.
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Wykeham Journal 2018

A very warm welcome to this year’s Wykeham Journal, a special edition as we celebrate the tenth year of publication. We are particularly grateful on this occasion to Jeremy Duns (C, 1987-92), whose humour, talent for writing and eye for a story mean that this year’s edition is a fitting tribute to the people who continue to make the Winchester community so special.
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