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Annual Guild Dinner for Guild Members
Sixty OWs gathered at The Cavalry and Guards Club in London on Wednesday 6 November for the third Annual Guild Dinner.

We were delighted to welcome Nick Ferguson (C, 1961 – 66) as the guest speaker for the evening. Nick spoke about his ‘Quest for a balanced life’ and the three vital elements required to achieve this. There followed a vigorous debate about whether or not his basic principles covered OWs at all stages of life and in all professions!

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40 Years-on Reunion Dinner for the Classes of '72, '73 and '74

Held on Wednesday 16 October 2013 at The Cavalry and Guards Club, London.

Guest Speaker: Sir David Clementi, Warden (E, 1962-67)

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25s to 40s Dinner
Held on Thursday 3 October at The Cavalry and Guards Club, London.

Some 70 OWs gathered for the dinner, where much reminiscence of games, dons and life up to House was recalled. Alasdair Maclay (Coll, 1986-91) gave a brief but telling speech about the OW Guilds initiative. The Guest Speaker was Peter Cramer, a History Don at Winchester College. Freddie Lee
(D, 1990-95) gave a witty and poignant reply from the OWs.

Marjorie Huntley and Laurence Wolff attended with Michael Wallis, Don Associate, in the Chair.

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Entrepreneur Guild Event

    Jon Wright (K, 1985-90)

Nearly 50 Entrepreneurial OWs gathered at Fruit Towers, the HQ of Innocent Smoothies, on Tuesday 1 October 2013, to discuss the Entrepreneurs Guild and how it could develop. In addition to healthy debate, Jon Wright (K, 1985 – 90), co-Founder of Innocent Smoothies, talked about his entrepreneurial journey. The evening also offered an opportunity for four Entrepreneurs to give five-minute pitches on their business ideas. Business completed, the group adjourned to the Fruit Towers recreational area for fruit juice, cocktails supplied by GB Drinks, table football and some interesting networking.

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Below is a short film of the inaugural Entrepreneurs Guild meeting at Fruit Towers (Innocent HQ). The night provided an inspirational start for this Guild with speakers including Jon Wright (K, 1985-90) and the Innocent Story, Richard Lucas (G, 1979-84) and pitches from Charlie Barda (H, 1992-97), the new Goldfinger Factory under the Trellick Tower and Sam Critchley (I, 1986-91) for Spaaza.


50 Years-on Reunion Lunch for the Classes of '62, '63 and '64

Held on Thursday 19 September 2013 at The Cavalry and Guards Club, London.

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60 Years-on Reunion for the Classes of '52, '53 and '54

Held on Saturday 16 March 2013 at Winchester College

After three successive years of these reunion lunches being held in London, with an average turnout of 24, this particular vintage, held in Winchester, recorded a commendable attendance of 53. The Classes of ’52, ’53 & ’54 were treated to a fascinating and instructive ‘div-hour’ in Chantry up to Master-in-College, Ian Fraser, who spoke on one of his favourite topics: Fairy Tales, grim or otherwise! The Warden, was the Guest Speaker, whilst Richard Southwell (D, 1948-53) responded. David Wickham (I, 1947-52) and Andrew Semple (Coll, 1947-52) shared the honours as Sen Men, arriving in the School in Common Time 1947. Whilst several Collegemen were escorted around their former chambers, some others braved the damp conditions to witness an OTH victory over Commoners in a high-scoring VIs match on College Canvas.

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20 Years-on Reunion Dinner for the Classes of '92, '93 and '94

Held on Thursday 14 March 2013 at The Cavalry and Guards Club

Forty OWs from the Classes of ’92, ’93 & ‘94 gathered in London. Nick Mackinnon gave the speech, regaling the assembled veterans with stories of Winchester College Football matches of the past. His audience responded keenly to tales of magnificent busts! Fionn Pilbrow (G, 1989-94) responded in likewise excellent fashion. Adam Haycock (F, 1987-92), as Sen Man proposed ‘Stet Res Wiccamica’, bringing completion to a fine night enjoyed by all.

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OW Undergraduate gatherings – 2013

In February, Michael Wallis (Don Associate), accompanied by John Brooks, hosted a dinner held on the top floor of Vincent’s Club in Oxford. Alex Portz (H, 2004-09) assembled a group of 20 OWs for the event. They were joined by Nick Walmsley (Coll, 1990-95), representative of the OW Private Equity/Hedge Fund Guild, who generously shared his experience of life in the City.

In March, Michael, this time accompanied by David Fellowes, headed for Bristol. Marcus Barstow (G, 2003-08) had gathered 20 OWs, whilst careers advice was offered by George Fellowes (G, 1993-98), who practices as a solicitor. The following day saw Michael in Cambridge. Once again a gathering of some 20 OWs had been ably organised by Elliot Bath (E, 2005-10). David Fletcher (I, 1972-76), another Private Equity man, was the willing Guilds volunteer on this occasion.

Some 60 OW undergraduates have been entertained by Win Coll Soc since the beginning of the year. Michael would be delighted meet OWs at other universities, if local volunteers are prepared to organise similar occasions! Please get in touch with him and, wherever possible, he will also try to find a volunteer from the fast-growing OW Guilds movement to join him.

30 Years-on Reunion Dinner for the Classes of '82, '83 and '84
Held on Saturday 9 February 2013 at Winchester College

Whilst the weather may have been uninviting, a warm welcome and a busy programme awaited the 43 who gathered in Winchester on Saturday 9 February for their reunion. Sadly, XVs had to be postponed, but after tea in College Hall, Simon Woolley (Common Room - and Class of '88) took his senior charges 'up-to-books' for an entertaining div-hour in Chantry. Following drinks in School and a contemplative service of Compline in Chapel, the party sat down in School to dine. The Guest Speaker was Patrick Maclure (I, 1952-57, former Secretary of Wykehamist Society), to whom Korn Chatikavanij (D, 1978-82, Sen Co Prae in 1982) responded. Simon Cowan (Coll, 1977-82) was Sen Man.

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The OW Dinner for Under 25s

Held on Friday 1 February 2013 at 170 Queen’s Gate, London

An excellent evening was enjoyed by all who attended the OW Under 25s Dinner. Master of Music, Nicholas Wilks (Q, 1970-73), gave a highly entertaining after dinner speech and Don Associate, Michael Wallis, oversaw proceedings. All those present expressed a desire to see a greater number attend the 2014 event. Please see the events page for further details.

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